Kerio hat version 9.2.8 veröffentlicht.

Neue Funktionen sind:

• Unterstützung für Outlook 2019

• Unterstützung für iOS 12

• Unterstützung für Mac OSX Mojave

Es wurden auch Fehler korrigiert:

• Apple 10.13.1 Mail crash after – GetItem: Item #423: FAILED, Item was not processed due to a previous error., error code=14
• Calendar not syncing with Outlook 2016 (Windows) – Active Sync connection
• Out-of-Office response not sent when a move to folder rule is enabled against the sender
• Sending S/MIME encrypted mail from Kerio Connect Web Client results in some servers refusing the message with „Error 501: Line too long“ in response to DATA
• Activesync: Marking a flag as complete does not show completed in other clients
• Apple Mail (EWS) trying to sync deleted emails
• Autodiscover wrongly generated when using custom HTTPS port
• The chat server isn’t showing proper SSL Certificate
• Inconsistent behavior when replying to an email with a delegation.
• Improve Encryption partition creation time and safety
• Encrypted data is not removed during full uninstallation
•Kerio Connect Client „send to email client“ not working
• Error in log ActiveSync MailData::ReadFromWBXml: Unknown Application data ID: 0x0219
• Kerio Account assistant hangs when configuring Outlook for Mac
• Cannot send to Exchange (or O365) user when Exchange (or O365) + KOFF account is added in Outlook
• Kerio Connect Web Client does not show unread items in the title
• Max. number of recipients in a message not working with KOFF
• Mac OS X mail Exchange is adding text as attachments
• Serbia country code for Certificate Request is incorrect
• Incorrect translation for Kerio Connect Client GUI (Croation)
• Sieve Script error when opening KOFF options
• SPF Connect should not block email on SOFT FAIL