• 3CX Webmeeting component available inside 3CX Phone System
• Added Queue Callid to email notification and caller waiting time

• Improved help documentation
• Numerous improvements and fixes to 3CXWebmeeting module. Now Webmeeting is enabled by default for all installations
• 3CXPhone crash on startup fixed
• Fixed export call reports to CSV format
• When Queue notification emails are delivered, CallID is sent in the email notification. Can be very useful for troubleshooting purposes
• Added amount of time caller has been waiting in the queue to the email notification
• Presence in iOS Client was not working when 3CX Server is Cloud Server
• New 3CX Grey theme in 3CXPhone for Windows
• Fixed stuck call notification in 3CX TAPI Server. Complete uninstall and re-install of 3CXCRM12 is required
• Fix in Cisco SPA Phone Template for Cloud Server not able to get the logo provisioned correctly.
• Fixed creation of Portal Admin Web

• Download 3CXCRM:
• 3CX Phone für Windows:
• 3CX Phone für Mac OSX:

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